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Town of Clinton Open Space Plan
The CGCT has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Town of Clinton Open Space and Recreation Plans. Our current action plan is available below. Protection and access to these special places is our mission and highest priority.

Clinton, MA Open Space Update: 7 Year Plan (PDF)

Mass Central Rail Trail
Beginning at North Station in Boston and ending in Northampton, the Mass Central Line came right through Clinton. Many portions of this inactive railroad line have been developed into multi-use rail trail. We have made it a priority to complete the Clinton portion that connects with Berlin and Hudson to the east and Sterling to the west. See www.masscentralrailtrail.org for more information.

Map: MCRT Clinton segment (PDF)
Mass Central Rail Trail
Beginning at North Station in Boston and ending in Northhampton, the Mass Central Line came right through Clinton. Many portions of the trail have been completed. We have made it a priority to explore how we can complete a portion that would connect with a portion in Berlin and Hudson to the east and Sterling to the west.
Rauscher Farm
Rauscher Farm,18 Clamshell Road, was the last working farm in Clinton. This 62+/– acre farm is in an area that has been in agricultural use for several hundred years. Clinton was originally part of Lancaster and the entire area was included in the English purchase of 80 square miles from the Nashaway Indians in 1653. Fred Rauscher and his family have farmed this parcel for the last 100 years.

Rauscher Farm was successfully purchased by the Town of Clinton in June, 2008. The Friends of Rauscher Farm, a subcommittee of CGCT, worked tirelessly for over a year to inform the townspeople of the tremendous opportunity to buy the farm.

You will see fundraising events held throughout the year to benefit the endowment that has been started to care for the farm.

Clamshell Pond Area
Clamshell Pond was one of the last undeveloped areas of Clinton. Recent single family and condominium projects have taken up much of the open space and farmland that once surrounded the Pond. The Rauscher Farm is the last undeveloped parcel that abuts the pond.

Clamshell Pond borders the Mount Pisgah area. This area contains many large, undeveloped tracts in Berlin, Boylston, and Northborough between the Wachusett Reservoir and the Assabet River.

There were originally three ponds in Clinton, Massachusetts – Clamshell Pond, Sandy Pond, and Mossy Pond. Sandy Pond is now underneath the Wachusett Reservoir. South Meadow Pond and Coachlace Pond are man-made, created by damming South Meadow Brook. See The Item, Friday, June 19, 1999 for additional information on Clinton’s original ponds.

There are several prehistoric sites surrounding Clamshell Pond. Over 50 historic sites have been identified. Registration with the Massachusetts Historical Commission is in progress.

A primary goal of the Clinton Open Space Plan of 2000 is to secure the land around Clamshell Pond to insure that significant open space is secured and wetlands and present wildlife corridors are maintained. The Town of Clinton’s plan to acquire the Rauscher Farm as protected open space accomplishes this goal.

Endangered Species
The Clamshell Pond area is the habitat of two endangered species – the marbled salamander and the four-toed salamander. It is also the habitat of yellow lady slippers.

Pulte Proposal
Pulte had submitted a preliminary plan for 85 single family homes to the Clinton Planning Board (or a minimum of 180 condominium units).

Our graditude belongs to the many individuals who worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality for future generations of Clintonians.
JFK parcel
We were given a small unbuildable lot in a recent subdivision project that would make a wonderful green space within a neighborhood. It would be a wonderful opportunity to promote awareness of our group through signage and a positive message about the importance of preserving our environment.
Water Street State and Town Conservation Land
Our group sponsors a River Walk every year to promote awareness of this large area of conservation land along the Nashua River to the north of Water Street. We would like to put up signage to mark the area and build a parking area for two or three cars.
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Rauscher Farm
For more information specific to Rauscher Farm, visit rauscherfarm.org

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We hope your visit to Rauscher Farm is a special one. Please be considerate of others during your visit. By keeping Rauscher Farm as you found it you are helping to preserve it for the future ... for everyone.