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Your tax-deductable membership dues are used to keep our organization going. Funds are used for mailings, the booth at Olde Home Day, and to seed other fund-raising activities. The more members we have, the more effective our organization can be. Join the fun and become part of Clinton's future.

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Visit a property
The conservation areas section highlights open spaces in Clinton. Enjoy the connection that they provide to the natural history of Clinton. Share your experiences with your friends and family.
We have many opportunities to volunteer from staffing an information booth to maintaining a website to trail-breaking. We have a planning meeting once a month which is a great place to start being involved. The more people volunteer, the more we can accomplish.
If you or someone you know owns land and would be interested in learning about how to conserve land for future generations and receive a tax benefit at the same time, please let us know. We'll help you learn about the options you have.
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Download the latest CGCT brochure, which contains information about us, our mission and goals, and where to find great open space in Clinton.

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Clinton Greenway Conservation Trust is always looking for new members and volunteers. Join the fun and become part of Clinton's future.

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Rauscher Farm
For more information specific to Rauscher Farm, visit

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We hope your visit to Rauscher Farm is a special one. Please be considerate of others during your visit. By keeping Rauscher Farm as you found it you are helping to preserve it for the future ... for everyone.